Get more return-on-investment from your tax return.

Mel Barnes, SVP – Chief Operations Officer

Raise your hand if you enjoy doing taxes...didn’t think so. There are few things most of us dread more than tax season. However, while filling out your taxes is no fun, getting that beautiful tax refund makes it all worth it. No one would blame you if you took your tax refund and treated yourself to a new TV, fancy gadget, nice dinner or whatever. You’ve earned it. But before you do, consider the many benefits of being patient and savvy with your refund. Instead of spending that tax refund money, consider saving it in a certificate of deposit or individual retirement account.

Now’s the perfect time too. We offer a wide range of competitive rates and with so many options, you’re sure to find a CD or IRA that works for you. Check out our current rates.

Yes, we totally understand the joys of splurging on something cool with your tax refund. But if you invest it in a CD or an IRA instead, you get to watch your money grow. With our awesome rates you can save your money to reach a long-term financial goal, or someday buy something from your wishlist that you really want. Sure, postponing that fancy dinner or latest gadget may take some discipline now, but we guarantee you’ll thank yourself later. Maybe when you’re sitting on a beach somewhere tropical for your dream vacay. Or when you’re making a down payment on a car you’ve been eyeing forever. Or whatever. It’s your money, so make the most of it with us. 

Want to get more return-on-investment on your tax refund? Contact us.

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