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If you’re like most Americans during the holidays, you’re going to be doing a lot more shopping and spending than normal, both in-store and online, so your Oklahoma State Bank debit card is probably going to get a workout. We want you to thoroughly enjoy the holidays, so take a moment to review these simple tips for protecting your card from fraud or misuse.

Shopping online? Look for the lock. Before any transactions, first make sure the site you’re browsing is secure. In the upper-left-hand corner, to the left of the URL (site address), you should see a lock symbol and an “https:” prefix. That means the site is secure. If the site is not secure, you’ll see “Not Secure.” This doesn’t necessarily mean the site is a fraudulent or “phishing” site, but why chance it? There are legitimate vendors with secure sites—shop there.

Be conscious of your surroundings when using your card. If you’re pulling out your debit card in a store or at an ATM, double-check that no one is watching you enter your PIN or observing you making a withdrawal. Thieves are very good at monitoring and stealing information, often using their cell phones. They’ve also been known to alter ATMs with credit card skimmers that look like regular terminals but are actually programmed to harvest data. So, avoid ATMs in unfamiliar locations.

Perform routine debit card maintenance. When was the last time you changed your debit card PIN or bank account password? Changing both regularly is an easy way to improve your financial security. Create strong passwords by making them long and by using a combination of unrelated uppercase and lowercase letters, plus numbers and special characters. And don’t use the same password across different accounts.

Is your information up to date? Make sure your bank has your current contact information, including your mobile phone number and valid email address, to ensure that you can be contacted quickly if suspicious activity occurs on your account.

Review bills and account statements for unusual activity. Every month, and especially after the holidays, look over your bills to make sure you recognize all transactions and withdrawals. Also, check your credit report regularly to make sure it only includes accounts and activities that you’ve authorized.

These tips apply year-round, not just for the holidays. Oklahoma State Bank wishes you happy holidays—and happy shopping!

Source: Capital One 

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