ACH payment processing simplifies small business operations

Mel Barnes, SVP – Chief Operations Officer

If you own a business that still takes and makes credit card or check payments, then you should consider using Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment processing instead. ACH payment processing is a secure, electronic transfer of funds between banks that many businesses use for payroll direct deposits, vendor payments, customer payment processing, and other financial transactions.

Why should your small businesses use ACH payment processing? Here are four reasons:

• It simplifies your life by providing direct payment to employees.

• You avoid high credit-card processing fees.

• You can settle payments quickly—usually within two business days of their origination.

• It eliminates the risk of lost or stolen checks.

If you’re interested in leveraging ACH origination for your business, follow the link to learn more about Oklahoma State Bank’s online Cash Management tool, or call Stephanie Roesler at 405-260-2265 for more information. 

OSB provides a number of eCommerce/Treasury and Cash Management solutions for businesses large and small. Learn more about the tools you can use to take your business bank account to the next level. 



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